Working with RESQ Associates

Most Sponsors agree that the selection of the “right” FSP is essential. In addition to possessing the appropriate experience and expertise, the FSP must also possess a compatible culture and capability to foster an ongoing positive working relationship with the Client. These too are integral to project success. Quality, integrity, working relationships, and a “get-it-right-the-first-time” attitude are hallmarks of RESQ’s approach.

Routinely, we work with Clients who require expert, cost-effective, prospective research quality services.  In selecting Working with ResqRESQ to supplement their project teams, our Clients are confident they are receiving value for their investment in us and in their project. RESQ’s Clients enjoy working with us.

RESQ takes deliberate steps to maintain a positive working relationship with our Clients.

Proactive communication and clarification between RESQ and Client staff are essential for successful clinical trial operations.  Applicable reports are drafted and released for review within five days of monitoring and auditing visits. The Client’s projected timelines are always considered as essential benchmarks.   While on-site, when critical issues are found by RESQ associates, the Client is immediately notified, and where possible, expeditious corrective action is implemented.  Routine project team meetings are held across all functional areas in order to ensure cross- communication among staff.  Project issues are revealed and quickly addressed in order to continue ensuring the Client of RESQ’s quality research services.

Our staff will always demonstrate character and conspicuous integrity. Knowing that the success of our Clients’ projects is paramount, our people take ownership of their work and are committed to ensuring Client services are conducted on time and within budget.

Key Discriminator: Interpersonal Skills
Not only do Sponsors enjoy working with us … Doctors and Nurses in the field do too.  RESQ understands the important role of fostering working relationships with the project's medical personnel. All our Associates have comprehensive experience in the field working as clinical trial liaisons. They are empathetic with Doctors and Nurses. They speak the same language.

What our Clients Say about Us


“We were tired of having CROs provide CRAs with limited experience for our difficult studies.  RESQ provided the seasoned, qualified and extremely competent CRAs for several of our studies.  They are cost-effective in more ways than can be counted (less time on site, no rework necessary, costs competitive/ better than the hourly costs of a CRO inexperienced CRA, etc.)."
Susan Doleman, Associate Director
BioVex Corporation