The RESQ Story: What's in a Name

RESQ’s roots are in the practice of reclamation projects (RESQ = Rescue). In fact, based upon the skillset and experience of RESQ’s founder, Ms. Glen Ann Hagemann, our first group of assignments involved providing reclamation services for several large Phase III trials. RESQ was able to muster crews of exceptional GCP Auditors, CRAs and CDMs to provide the Client with expert corrective action services within tight timelines. 

Today, working with RESQ will not only help your project succeed with quality research services, you will receive those services at rates typically lower than those of a traditional CRO.

Reclamation Expertise

We don’t want any Client to be in the position of having to redo a project so why are we telling you about our reclamation expertise? Because:

  • Our expertise in reclamation work provides immeasurable insights into what goes wrong and why.
  • We can help you prevent missed corporate timelines, projections, and cost overruns.

In short, our deep experience and knowledge of what can go wrong is exactly what helps us get it right the first time.

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