RESQ Staff

Clinical trial Sponsors have every reason to be concerned about their selectedFSPs they select to work with.  Does the company have the requisite experience and credentials? Is it stable in terms of staff continuity and retention? Do they have the kind of people you want to work with?

As described within each of our Clinical Trial Services, RESQ demands educational and experience credentials that tend to be at the higher end of industry standards.  We don’t stop there. Beyond the objective credentials, we seek associates with compatible personality traits and professional styles such as communication, personal integrity, and interpersonal skills; and an unwavering attention to detail, process, and organization.

RESQ maintains a highly experienced and qualified pool of resources that we draw upon to support individual projects. RESQ has over 100 senior-level industry experienced associates available for assignments. Moreover, we have the proven ability to recruit additional staff as needed. Most importantly, we are very careful about who we select as an associate.

Every one of our available associates is either a RESQ project veteran, has been referred by other RESQ associates, or has been vetted by colleagues that RESQ knows and trusts.  We screen and pre-qualify new associates in advance of project demand to quickly ramp up when the need arises. 

In addition to helping us plan for future assignments, our pre-qualification process allows us to source and place specialized experts using a just-in-time service model to accommodate specific needs as they arise or in response to a client's unplanned surge requirement. This is a cost effective approach for RESQ and the Client, while also ensuring the right person is assigned.

RESQ Uses a Careful and Deliberate Screening Process to Vet and Pre-Qualify our Associates

Objective Criteria:

  • Educational degrees
  • Years and areas of experience
  • Technical disciplines
  • Special skills
  • Geographical location/availability
  • Certifications
  • Project assignment history
  • Current resume

Subjective Criteria:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Discussions with references
  • Assessment of personality traits
  • Assessment of professional “style”