A Message from the CEO

Hello and welcome to our Web site. As you read through the material we have presented here you will notice we have emphasized the importance of deep experience, a client-compatible corporate culture and “people-skills” throughout.  This is not by accident and it is not marketing “fluff.”

RESQ’s roots are in the practice of reclamation projects, so I have a fairly broad perspective on what makes projects succeed and fail. In my 26 years of pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry experience, I have seen some client-CRO and client-FSP relationships work well, and others not as well. With increasing cost-competitiveness, I have seen what happens when service providers cut corners with academic and professional staffing credentials, skimp on experience levels, and overlook the intangibles such as interpersonal skills and a team-oriented approach.

I wanted to change that. So, when I started RESQ over 15 years ago, I did so with that specific goal in mind. In order for a project to be cost effective, it must first be technically and managerially effective. As such, we never compromise our standards or those of our Clients. The foundation of our company is based on associates with strong academic credentials, demonstrated relevant experience, and a core value system that is compatible with RESQ’s corporate culture. 

The idea of “corporate culture” can be elusive and in a fast-moving industry, some might not think it is something you can drive or maintain. I believe it is. Achieving the corporate culture we desire is the result of daily behavior, which is controllable.  It starts with the CEO (me) and flows throughout the organization. When the CEO leads by example, the organization follows. Associates clearly see what is required of them in order to succeed at RESQ.  I’m talking about attention to detail, working hard to maintain positive working relationships, and striving to do what is in the best interests of the Client … always.

When you hire RESQ to assist you with a clinical trial project, you will be fully satisfied with our performance. That is my commitment. Moreover, I fully expect you will have a strong desire to work with us again. 

I hope you enjoy reading about RESQ and the services we provide. Additionally, I invite you to contact us so that we can have a candid discussion about how RESQ can help make your next project a resounding success.

Yours Truly,
Glen Ann Hagemann,
President and CEO