FSP Management

RESQ isn’t just an FSP … We also Manage and Evaluate FSPs

Functional Service Provider (FSP) outsourcing has grown in popularity as a means to reduce costs and improve schedules; all while increasing Sponsor organizational efficiency. In addition to handling functional areas where the Sponsor does not maintain requisite staffing experience, FSPs also can provide “surge capability” that allows the Sponsor to increase and decrease their level of effort without having to make permanent hires.  This makes Sponsors more “agile” and able to “shift gears” quickly.

RESQ is an FSP. Sometimes a Sponsor will engage multiple FSPs and this will cause a need for added coordination, especially on the front end. When RESQ serves as the Project Manager, our capability includes the expertise and experience to manage multiple FSPs, and serve as liaison between FSPs and the Sponsor. Even when RESQ is not the Sponsor's Project Manager, we can be engaged to provide objective advice, evaluation, and audit regarding FSP selection and performance evaluation.

RESQ is an Excellent Teammate

Our heritage as a study reclamation specialist, not only enables us to provide sage advice to our Clients regarding their contracted FSPs they hire (as described above); it also enables us to be excellent partners for both the Client and other team FSPs.  We have seen the positive results that accompany a healthy team environment, and unfortunately, we have also seen what unproductive team relationships can do to a project. We know the importance of maintaining meaningful coordination and communications amongst all stakeholders. We are proactive in our management and administrative style and will do everything we can to ensure the team works and succeeds as a team.

RESQ Provides FSP Strategy and Management Assistance Throughout the Study Project Lifecycle

RESQ can help you define an FSP strategy and select qualified vendors that also represent a good “cultural fit” with your organization.

During the Project:
RESQ can help you coordinate FSP activities, resources, and meetings from ramp-up to close out.

Post Project:
RESQ can help you evaluate performance and “lessons-learned.”