Clincial Project Management Services

The Clinical Trail Project Manager is responsible for planning and directing the day to day operations of clinical study projects. The project management of clinical trials can greatly impact the cost and schedule associated with drug/device development, therefore the position must be staffed by a highly qualified professional. Each RESQ Clinical Trial Project Manager possess in-depth knowledge and experience in project management best practices, risk management, ethics, data management and regulatory affairs, and leadership expertise.  They are well rounded in all aspects of clinical research.
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Well-Rounded Project Manager + Strong CRA credentials = the Right Choice

RESQ uses only well-rounded and highly qualified Project Managers. We look for people with experience working in cross functional areas including clinical trial operations, data management, medical writing, drug safety, regulatory affairs, and biostatistics. Educationally, we require a BS and/or MS in life sciences or a healthcare discipline with 10+ years of hands-on clinical operations experience in the biotech/pharClinical Project Management Servicesmaceutical industry. In comparison, some CROs and FSPs do not require science degrees and often accept 4-5 years of experience with as few as 2 years in an actual project management role. RESQ knows that such low thresholds can be risky. RESQ also requires that our Project Managers have experience in site monitoring and overseeing CRAs. We expect a demonstrated knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), 21 CFR 312, and ICH Guidelines.

Beyond the objective credentials, our Project Managers must be master communicators because they serve as the focal point within the RESQ and Client teams. They are detailed planners, and as day-to-day managers, they continually seek ways to drive risk out of the project. Finally, RESQ Project Managers are client-centric and are always focused on maintaining Client satisfaction.

The Best Project Managers are Those who Possess  a Broad Perspective
Each RESQ Clinical Trial Project Manager maintains all of the education and skill requirements of a RESQ CRA. As a result, they fully understand the broad perspective of clinical research.